Metal Additive Manufacturing Symposium June 20, 2019

Photos from the Symposium can be found on FLICKR.

The Regional Additive Manufacturing Partnership for Maryland (RAMP MD) held its Symposium on Metal Additive Manufacturing on June 20, 2019. Speakers from industry, academia, and government spoke about new technologies moving the 3D printing industry forward.  In recent years, advances in additive manufacturing (AM) have made it possible to print metal parts that stand up to rigorous standards. Additively manufactured metal parts are being produced across many industries, from power generation to medical, aero-space, and defense. But challenges remain when applying metal AM. At this Symposium, thought leaders and experts in metal additive manufacturing explored where the technology is going, what breakthroughs are on the horizon, and what resources are available to agencies and manufacturers right now. See the Symposium Program here (pdf). . Download the presentations below:

Chris Cosgrove, SURVICE Engineering: RAMP MD and Metal Additive Manufacturing Overview

Kyle Adams, SLM: Selecting Parts for Additive Manufacturing

Brandon McWilliams, Army Research Lab: Army Metal Feedstocks

Lester Hitch, EOS: New Systems and Materials

Frank Kellogg, SURVICE: Effects of Atomization Gas

Chris Peitsch, JHU Applied Physics Lab: Applications of X-ray CT 

Justin Unger, JHU: Design Optimization

Nancy Hardwick, MELD: MELD Technology

Paul Witherell, NIST: Model-based Enterprise

Jim Snodgrass, Cimquest: Metal AM Technology and Applications

Christian Gobert, ARL: Machine Learning and Additive Manufacturing

Yan Lu, NIST: NIST AM Database

Many thanks to this year’s sponsors: